PPAA is member club with American Airgun Field Target Association.  We are one of 4 active AAFTA clubs in the State of Texas.  We currently hold Field Target matches every other month, 2nd Saturday of the month.  Matches start at 9:AM (warmer months) or 10:AM (cooler months).  For details on our Field Target matches please contact Craig Martin or 817-217-8404.

Our tentative match schedule for 2015 is as follows:

Saturday January 17th at 10:AM
Saturday March 28th at 10:AM
Saturday May 9th at 9:AM (TX Grand Prix Leg Match)
Saturday July 11th at 9:AM
Saturday September 12th at 9:AM
Saturday November 14th at 9:AM

We work in with the following organizations to promote Field Target in the State of Texas:

PPAA Field Target General Rules

  •  Match will start at 10:AM (or 9:AM depending on time of year).  Please come early to help set up and sight in your rifle.
  • Air rifles must use lead pellets with no more than 20 foot pounds of energy (most likely your pellet rifle has much less than 20fpe)
  • ALL RIFLES MUST BE IN CASES AND NOT REMOVED UNTIL IT IS YOUR TURN TO SHOOT (Rifle Caddies are also allowed).  This is for safety reasons.  If you do not do this you will not be allowed to participate.  Any soft (or hard) rifle case will do and you don’t have to zip it shut if your rifle does not fit well.  We do not want people walking the course with a rifle in their hands.
  • Hunter, Open, & WFTF Classes are recognized.  All AAFTA Rules apply (please read rules on  We will also have a Fun Rifle Class and will not follow AAFTA rules for this class only.
  • This is an adult rifle match.  Older youths are welcome but they must be capable of handling a rifle safely and shoot unassisted.  We strongly suggest a parent or an adult supervise during the course of the match.
  • We typically have at least 8 lanes with 3 targets per lane for a total of 24 targets.  Each person will take 2 shots per target for a total of 48 shots for the match.
  • For Fun Rifle Class Only:  Target face plate hits will count for 1 point.  Targets knocked down will score 2 points.  Total possible score will be 96 points.
  • All Other Classes:  One Point given for targets knocked down only.  Total possible score is 48 points.
  • We will have all AAFTA classes available if there are 2 or more participants for that class.  A trophy will be awarded to each class.  In addition to normal AAFTA classes we will have:
  • Fun Rifle Class.  Use of “Bucket & Sticks” is allowed.  Rifles costing less than $300 only are allowed for this class.  This is the beginner class.
  •   You will be on a squad of 2-4 people depending on the amount of people entered. 
  •   Entry fee is $5 for PPAA members and $10 for guests.  Bring correct change!
  •   In the event the weather forecast predicts rain during our event then a decision will be made Friday evening before the match to cancel.
**If you have any questions regarding the above or any other questions about Field Target, air rifles, etc. please feel free to contact me, Craig Martin, 817-217-8404 or