We would like to encourage all PPAA members to become a certified PPAA Volunteer. To become a PPAA Volunteer you must first pass a free online Child Abuse Awareness Class and pass a PPOA background check. By doing this you will allow us to continue hosting our many Kids events down at the Archery / Airgun Range. For more information about becoming a PPAA Volunteer contact:


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PPAA Officers:

President: Charles Palmer
Vice President: Craig Martin
Secretary: Vicki Leggett
Treasure: Bob Ziemski
Range Master: Tim Mathews
Information: Mike Wynn

PPAA Meeting Notes:

- March 1st, 2016

Next Upcoming Events:

- May 21st - 2D/3D Archery Tournament
- May 28th - ASC Field Target Match

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Latest Air Rifle Match Results

May 14, 2016
29.7 Troyer Rating

Hunter PCP:
1. Paul Walker 42/50, RAW TM1000, Viper 4-16x, AA 10.3
1. Terry Vanpool 42/50, AA HFT 500, Bushnell 2.5x16x, AA 10.3
2. Brad Vanpool 40/50, Benjamin Marauder, Hawk 4-16x, AA 10.3
3. Kevin Enzian 39/50, AA S-500, Viper, JSB 10.3
4. Mike Margle 28/50, Benjamin Marauder, UTG 4-16x, Barracuda Match
5. Don Walker 21/50, Benjamin Marauder, UTG 4-16x, AA 10.3
6. Tyler Brooks 14/50, Benjamin Marauder, Aeon 3-12x, JSB 7.4
7. Jim Leggett DNF, Benjamin Marauder, UTG 4-16x, AA 10.3

Hunter Piston:
1. Jim Clarke 28/50 AA Pro Sport, Hawk 3-12x, JSB 8.44
2. Bob Pacatte 21/50, TX200, UTG 8-32x, AA 8.44
3. Ryan Taylor 21/50, RWS 34, RWS 3-9x, H&N FTT
4. James Duckworth 13/50. RWS 460, Hawk, JSB 7.33
5. David Carlile 12/50 RWS 34, UTG 4-16x, CPL 7.9
6. Jim Martin 6/50, Beeman R11, Bushnell 4-12x, H&N FTT
7. Jason Hutchinson 4/50, RWS 34, UTG, ???

Open PCP
1. Craig Martin 40/50, Daystate CR-Xst, Bushnell 8-32x, JSB 10.3
2. Chris Simmons RAW HM1000, Sightron 10-50X, JSB 10.3
3. Cliff Montgomery 31/48, Benjamin Discovery, Bushnell 3-12, H&N FTT

1. David Alsup 47/50, Steyr LG110, March 8-80x, JSB Express

WFTF Piston
1. Paul Bracaglia 28/48, HW97, ???, JSB 8.44