We would like to encourage all PPAA members to become a certified PPAA Volunteer. To become a PPAA Volunteer you must first pass a free online Child Abuse Awareness Class and pass a PPOA background check. By doing this you will allow us to continue hosting our many Kids events down at the Archery / Airgun Range. For more information about becoming a PPAA Volunteer contact:




PPAA Officers:

President: Charles Palmer
Vice President: Craig Martin
Secretary: Vicki Leggett
Treasure: Vance Blalock
Range Master: Tim Mathews
Information: Mike Wynn

PPAA Meeting Notes:

- No current notes.

Next Upcoming Events:

- May 13th - Air Rifle Field Target Match
- May 20th/21st - 2D/3D Archery Open Shooting

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Mark your calendars for our Kids Camps:

- June 19/20 - Kids Archery Camp (10-11:30AM)
- July 20/21 - Kids Air Gun Camp (10-11:30AM)

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Our old friend Sy has started a new Archery club down in Florida. Check out his new club at:


The annual Easter Egg Shoot held Saturday, April 15th, was well attended with 40 participants.  The majority of the shooters were 14 and under and there was a great crowd watching the event.  With unlimited shooting for just $5 per person, these archery competitors continued shooting until all of the “money” eggs had been hit.  Thank you to all of the PPAA volunteers that assisted with this fun event.


Easter Egg Shoot
Easter Egg Shoot
Easter Egg Shoot
Easter Egg Shoot