We would like to encourage all PPAA members to become a certified PPAA Volunteer. To become a PPAA Volunteer you must first pass a free online Child Abuse Awareness Class and pass a PPOA background check. By doing this you will allow us to continue hosting our many Kids events down at the Archery / Airgun Range. For more information about becoming a PPAA Volunteer contact:


- Checkout the latest information and photos on the construction of our new Archery Range Building.


PPAA Officers:

President: Charles Palmer
Vice President: Craig Martin
Secretary: Vicki Leggett
Treasure: Bob Ziemski
Range Master: Tim Mathews
Information: Mike Wynn

PPAA Meeting Notes:

- March 1st, 2016

Next Upcoming Events:

- September 10th - Field Target Match
- September 17th - 2D/3D Archery Tournament

Click on Upcoming Events page for more information.

Mark your calendars for our Kids Camps:


Register at the PAC.

Our old friend Sy has started a new Archery club down in Florida. Check out his new club at:


Tim Matthews Fundraiser

Most of you probably know Tim or have met him at some point in time. He is the Range Master at our Archery Range that we all enjoy. He spends countless hours working at the range to insure everything is perfect for all the members and their guests.
He is currently in need of our help. Please share this out, contribute or just pray for him. Every little bit will go a long way.

Tim Matthews Fundraiser